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Before I fall into step with this tale, I'd like to mention a video titled "The Secret", which I  was introduced to by a close friend a few years ago.  The jist of the video's message was: 'What we dream, or believe in, actually comes to manifest in our life."  Of course the tip side of that principle is that 'believing in the worst' or 'holding fear of something' will attract what is feared into one's life.  Thoughts become things.

John (not his real name) told me over the phone one evening, just how it was that he came to purchase his red sports car.  He and his wife live a few blocks from his professional job at the shipyard.  While strolling to work in the fresh ocean breeze one morning, John happened to notice a particular red sports car which caught his eye.  It was a Nissan 300 ZX.  His thought upon seeing the ZX was, "What an awesome car.  Boy, would I like to own a car like that!"    He then quietly carried on to his office at the shipyard.

The interesting part of this story is that when John happened to notice his dream car about a week later, there was a 'For Sale' sign in the window of the car!   He must have been chuckling to himself as  he wrote down the phone number.  After work that evening, he proceeded to call the owner of the Nissan ZX.  Doing a fine job of suppressing his glee, John  haggled awhile over an agreeable price... and shortly thereafter was the proud owner of the red sports car.  

John's experience with the ZX reminded me of some advice Maharishi Mahesh Yogi had given many years earlier:  "Be careful what you desire, because you just might get it."